Conference LuxTIME: Industrial Past of Luxembourg: challenging visualisation of past data through an interdisciplinary approach, 11.06.2021 (online).

Conference by Dr. Maxime Derian

LuxTIME (Luxembourg TIME Machine) : history, archives, big data & virtual reality (VR)

Blast furnace in Esch

LuxTIME (Luxembourg TIME Machine) aims at building interdisciplinary framework for the study of “big data” of the past in Luxembourg and design a digital framework for the creation of web app and virtual reality (or augmented reality) experiences.

The subject of Luxembourg’s industrial past is an interesting entry point to weave a unique scientific ecosystem challenging the access and visualisation of past data through an innovative and interdisciplinary approach combining history, statistics, ecology, computer science (UX design, data visualization, image processing, AI and big data), and social sciences.

The contribution of digital anthropology as a possible “transdiciplinary bridge” since it is the study by human observers of the traces of previous human activities (which created the current situation) by designing digital real time interfaces linking the past and the present. This anthropological approach acts in synergy with the historical approach, in particular by using the historical methodology of data collection and recovery of archived sources.

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Maxime Derian

Rédacteur : Maxime DERIAN (Phd). Anthropologue des techniques (technologies numériques, e-Santé & mutations des sociétés industrielles). Université du Luxembourg. Contact: /